Crypto Payment Processing Made Easy

The payment processing industry has grown complex, difficult, and politicized, while businesses like yours just want to sell their products. Numifex enables you to simply and easily take payments in cryptocurrencies from BTC to ETH, to a wide variety of tokens. Numifex is a completely decentralized solution with no per-transaction fees of its own, so we’re able to cut your monthly payment fees by up to 90%. Buy the software and run it on your own servers or in the cloud. In the cryptoeconomy, you are your own payment processor, free from burdensome regulation and terms & conditions agreements. Apply to become an early adopter using the link below.

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Current Integrations

In Q1 of 2019, Numifex will ship with support for the Woocommerce and Shopify e-commerce platforms and will accept the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

When can we expect more integrations?

Numifex will ship additional integrations on a regular basis starting in Q1 2019. Sign up as an early adopter and let us know what integration you’d like to see next!

What will the fees look like?

Numifex will be available for direct download and on the Amazon Marketplace at attractive price points, but Numifex itself charges no fees for transactions. Fees charged by the cryptocurrency network itself and by cryptocurrency exchanges can vary, depending on the network or exchange. Fees on networks like Ethereum are typically only a few cents per transaction, regardless of the transaction’s size.